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Welcome to Flyin' Penguin Productions

The Belize File is the first of what is termed a franchise of films. This franchise, consisting of four films (the Penn Gwinn films), is similar to the James Bond film series in that each film is related, but also stands alone as a sequel with the same protagonist.
These novels/scripts are action adventure, international intrigue, detective, murder mysteries based on the case files of the former intelligence officer turned private investigator author.
The Belize File
Penn Gwinn attempts to solve the murder of an associate private investigator. In the middle of the investigation, his former intelligence field operations commander asks for his help in locating the commander's goddaughter, who has been missing on her honeymoon in Belize. The two assignments turn out to be connected as Gwinn discovers the involvement of the USCG, the DEA, the CIA and another PI in the "Guns for Contras" international drug smuggling operation in the Caribbean area, and its association with the producers of pornography in California. Although the clues are placed strategically throughout the story, the ending is an unexpected twist.

The Australian File
Penn Gwinn is hired by the control officer of his former DIA involvement to locate the legendary mystical icon called the Aqualene, or The Eye of God, treasured by the Binin as part of the Australian Aborigine heritage. A chase develops which takes him across Baja California in a most unusual chase scene, and through Sydney to the Australian outback. Many people claim to be his allies, but have their own agenda. The search for the opal leaves a trail of bodies as Penn deals with phony detectives and seductive female agents. In the chase for the Aqualene, nothing is as it seems, and the ending is true to the author's unique ability to provide a surprising resolution.

The Philippine Chase
A mysterious agent from the Philippines, who turns out to be the head of the Philippine Intelligence Services, engages Penn Gwinn and his partner PZ. They are asked to tail a woman twenty-four hours a day, and they thought the case was a simple domestic relations problem. However, when it turns out to be related to one of their existing cases, they are surprised to uncover a trail of smuggling, murder and international intrigue that reached into the highest offices of the Philippine government, and the government's involvement in the 1983 assassination of Benign Aquino.

Thai Moon Saloon
Penn Gwinn and his agency partner Jim Starret decide to open a saloon in Thailand after their involvement with the agency in the Viet Nam non-war. They expected to retire, but the warlord of the Shan State in the Golden Triangle area of Asia, who is known as the Prince of Darkness, forces them to get involved against opium smuggling and the rivalry between the DIA and the CIA in another of their interagency battles. The story reveals some of the problems in fighting the drug wars. When the DIA fights the CIA, only the loser wins.

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